Music and Puppet Show FAQ

What is the Music & Sport Puppet Show?

Our show provides a positive message to children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We share this message by combining our love and knowledge of sport, with the fun of music and drama.

What will the children learn?

The children will learn about the many options they have available to them to help them live a healthy lifestyle. We present this information in a way that is engaging for children.

Who can book the Music & Sport Puppet Show?

The Music & Sport Puppet Show can be booked for childcare centres and now for private parties too. It’s a great party alternative for children because it combines music, drama, and sport. There’s something for every child at a Ginger Sport Music and Puppet Show party.

(Childcare) Why is a message about healthy lifestyle choices important to the children in our care?

The physical and emotional wellbeing of children is a major focus under current frameworks. Learning some basic tools for making healthy choices–and learning them at an early age–will help lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy choices.

(Childcare) Can I talk to any other services who have already  seen the show?

Yes. Talk to us, and we’ll provide details of some people who are happy to talk to you about our show.

How much does it cost?


1-50 children; $300
51-75 children; $350
76-100 children; $400

All prices include GST.

How do I pay?


For more information on payments, go here:

What if the numbers of children attending change after we have booked and paid?

It’s not a problem. On the day of your confirmed show date, we will contact you. If your numbers have changed, and this affects your payment amount, we will reflect that in your invoice.

How long does it go for?

The show runs for 35-45 minutes, depending on the interaction/engagement of the children. We will adapt to the group dynamics on the day.

How many children can attend a session?

There is no limit on the amount of children who can attend. Just make sure you have the space to accommodate them.

What age group is it suitable for?

Our show is designed for children aged between 1-6 years old.

How do I book?

For bookings contact Ginger Sport on (07) 3890-3338, or email

How soon should I book?

To ensure a day and time suitable to your service or private party, we recommend that you contact us at least 1-2 months prior to the date you would like. Having said that, we will do what we can to accommodate your booking preferences when you contact us.

What sized room do I need to hold the show?


It will depend on the number of children attending, but an averaged size room at your service or private party would usually be adequate. Feel free to discuss this with us when you book.

Is there much set-up time required before or after the show?

We require approximately 30 minutes before the show for our staff to set up. We require approximately 30 minutes after the show for our staff to pack up.

How many Ginger Sport staff will attend?


Do you need access to power outlets?

Yes please. We will only need one powerpoint and it can’t be further 20m away.

When do I pay?

We will send you an invoice. Full payment is required immediately.

If we need to cancel the show, how much notice must we give?


The following cancellation policies apply:

Notice Given

> 10 days’ notice

< 10 days’ notice (but more than 2 hours)

< 2 hours’ notice

What We Offer

Full refund

Credit Note

No refund, no Credit Note

What are the terms of the Credit Note?

If a Credit Note offer applies to you, we will offer you a Credit Note to the value of your original payment, which you can use to purchase goods and services from us.

Do your staff have valid blue cards?


Are you insured?


If your venue for the show is a long way from our base at Murarrie, will there be a location surcharge?


Yes. Any venue within 11km of our Murarrie base does not incur a location surcharge. Any venue more than 11km from our Murarrie base incurs a location surcharge as follows:

11-30km / $10
31-50km / $31
51-70km / $62
71-90km / $93
91-110km / $124
111-130km / $155
131-150km / $186

How is the distance from the venue calculated?

We type our Murrarie address and your address into Google Maps. We use the distance between locations (travelling by car) given to us by Google Maps.

Our venue is more than 150km from your Murarrie base. Can we still book the puppet show?

No. Unfortunately we don’t travel further than 150km from our home base to perform the show.


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