Inflatable Soccer Field


Get active with our Extra Large and Large Inflatable Soccer Field!

Imagine having a soccer field at your next party or event. Well now you can with the Ginger Sport Inflatable Soccer Fields in your choice of two sizes – extra large and large!


What is it?

It is an inflatable tube which forms the shape of a soccer field, including inflatable goals with nets.

How big is it?

Extra Large Inflatable Soccer Field is a large rectangle, measuring 30m x 20m. Large Inflatable Soccer Field is a rectangle measuring 20m x 15m. Please read our FAQs for more information on suitable venues for the Inflatable Soccer Fields.

How much room do I need?

You will need to allow at least an additional 3m on each side for both extra large and large Inflatable Soccer Fields.

What can I use it for?

Both Inflatable Soccer Fields are suitable for parties and events, including: fetes, soccer parties, corporate team-building days, markets, private events, and fundraisers.

Is it just for kids?

Inflatable Soccer Field is suitable for kids and grown-ups!

Does it need a flat and even surface?


How much does it cost to hire & how long can I hire it for?

Can I hire it for a day or two?

You can hire Extra Large or Large Inflatable Soccer World for 24 or 48 hours if the venue is in a secure and private location, with electricity supply. You must tell us at the time of booking whether electricity supply is available.

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