Soccer Bounce Dry Hire


Dry Hire Information for Customers

This Dry Hire information forms part of what you need to know when hiring any of the following:

(i) Soccer Bounce

(ii) Large Inflatable Soccer Field

(iii) Extra Large Inflatable Soccer Field

(iv) Soccer Darts

(v) Soccer Snookball

(vi) Soccer Target Shot


The areas where the inflatable is to be placed should be clear of toys, garden furniture, pet mess, stones, etcetera, prior to the delivery and set up of the equipment.

Person responsible

The hirer is the only person to be responsible for the unit. That is, the unit must not be hired, leased, lent, or sublet, by this person, to any other persons.

Suitability for hire

We have detailed checklists to ensure the equipment is in good condition.  However, the hirer is deemed to have also checked the suitability for hire, and condition, of the inflatable and its accessories for faults when the equipment is delivered for hire.  Any problems should be reported to the member of staff delivering the unit at the time of set up.


Access to the set-up area should be clear and easily accessible.  Steps, hills, small entrances, or other conditions that may impede delivery should be discussed when making the booking.

Electricity supply

The equipment requires a supply of electricity no more than 20 metres away.  If this cannot be supplied, please inform us when making the booking and we will supply a generator.

Generator-hire costs are available here.

Ginger Sport property

The equipment must not under any circumstances be handed over to any person other than a representative of Ginger Sport.  The equipment remains the legal property of Ginger Sport throughout the hire period, and we reserve the right to collect the equipment at any time during the hire period.


In the unlikely event that Ginger Sport cannot deliver the equipment, due to factors out of its control,  Ginger Sport will not be held responsible for any liabilities this may cause.

Inclement weather

During periods of poor weather (e.g. heavy rain, winds, and storms) we reserve the right to cancel the reservation of the inflatable. If conditions are not poor prior to the start of the hire, then you still have the option to cancel the hire of the inflatable.  However, please note that three hour’s notice must be given to cancel, prior to the hire start time of any inflatable.  If  the three-hour notice is not given, or the inflatable is delivered to the registered address, then full payment is required for the booked service and hire time, and no refunds will be given.

Dry Hire Agreement

When dry hiring an inflatable from Ginger Sport the hirer agrees to the terms outlined in the ‘Inflatable Dry Hire Agreement’. If you would like a copy of this prior to Ginger Sport arriving at your event please let us know and we can send you a copy.


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