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Ginger Sport makes soccer fun for kids! Starting from 18 months’ old, we cater for tots, preschoolers, school-aged kids, tweens, teens, and adults. Come every week, play a match, have a party, hire an inflatable – the choices are enormous!


We offer our fun soccer program at childcare centres and preschools for 18 month olds to 6 year olds on a weekly basis, excluding public holidays and the Christmas holiday period. At our weekly sessions, we encourage a positive, nurturing, and safe environment for little ones who take part. Soccer is a great sport for kids to start out with as it teaches coordination and teamwork in an environment that is energetic and positive.

Through creative activities, and carefully selected coaches, we pride ourselves on providing an all-round high-quality service to those who offer Ginger Sport at their centre and to their families. We reward children with Ginger Sport stamps at the end of each session, and each child who takes part with us regularly will receive a Ginger Sport medal of achievement four times per year.




Before You Leave Home

On soccer day, remember to dress your child in clothes and shoes that they can run around in. These are probably the same clothes they wear to childcare most days, but just make sure your little one has suitable footwear, a broad-brimmed hat, and sunscreen applied before you leave home. Remind them of the rule “no hat, no play”, and to be kind and polite with their team mates. Children are not required to wear a uniform. However, we do have a Ginger Sport soccer kit which is available for purchase via our online shop.


Water & Snacks

No doubt you would send your little one to childcare with water and snacks every day. Soccer day is no different. You don’t need to send additional snacks on soccer day. The children have a water break during the session, and the coach along with the staff will make sure they bring their water bottle to the soccer area.


At Session Time

When it’s time for your little one’s soccer session, the coach will arrive and the staff will bring the children out to the soccer area, or perhaps the coach will come in and fetch the children. Either way, the children who will be playing soccer that day, are mobilised for their session in an organised manner when it’s time to play.


Supervision Info

In addition to your Ginger Sport coach there may also be centre staff supervising. Please check with your centre to learn more about what happens on soccer days.


Feedback For Parents

Parents are often keen to hear how their little one has been doing at childcare soccer. If you would like to know how your little one is going in the session you are most welcome to contact us. We will contact the coach to find out and let you know. Due to the number of children who take part in our weekly sessions we are unable to provide regular weekly feedback. However, we do encourage you to ask at any time should you wish to know.


Blue Cards

All Ginger Sport coaches hold blue cards.


What If Other Kids Get Jealous?

We generally find that it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. That is, the soccer session is held away from the children who are not participating, and it’s just a normal part of the day for some kids, but not others. Of course, if you felt there was an issue you can talk to your centre staff to address any concerns.


Accidents Happen

If any of the little ones get a bump or scratch we know what to do. All centres have incident reporting procedures. Ginger Sport coaches also follow incident reporting procedures.


Non-Attendance Info

We understand that little ones tend to get sick fairly often. Just ring or email our office, and we’ll adjust your next invoice so you’re not charged for missed sessions. Please see below with regards to payments and invoicing.


Sibling Discount

If you have registered two or more of your children for our childcare program you are entitled to receive a sibling discount of 30% for each additional child. This means that one child will be $11 and each additional child will only be $7.70. If you are entitled to receive the sibling discount please contact us.


Session Length

Sessions in the childcare program are 30 minutes.


Session Numbers

The number of children who can participate in each Ginger Sport childcare session is capped at eight. This means that every child has the opportunity for a great experience and individual attention. If nine or more children are registered, and playing regularly, then we look to increase the number of sessions the coach runs, depending on the needs of the group and the centre timetable.


Coach Changes

Like all of us, children get used to the status quo and tend to develop strong bonds with their coaches. From time to time a coach will be unable to attend, or may move on permanently. Whilst we do our utmost to minimise these changes, sometimes it is unavoidable. Some children may go through a mini kind of grief at losing a loved coach. We do understand these feelings, but also know that we don’t take these changes lightly. If your children do receive a new coach, we are confident that they will come to love them just as much as the old one!


Info About My Coach

Go here if you would like to learn more about who is coaching your little one.


Success & Smiles

Each week we will reward your child with a fun Ginger Sport stamp.

At the end of each block (four times per year) we reward our regular players with a Ginger Sport soccer medal for their achievements and a certificate.


Session Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw from sessions with us, you must notify us by email or call us to let us know. Once we are notified, we will cancel your recurring invoice and no longer take your child for soccer. Please do not leave messages with child care staff or our coaches.


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  1. My daughter attends Guppy’s Learning at Chermside. Interested in joining her up from the 24th of Jan for every fortnight. Please get back to me. She is 3yrs old and very active. Thanks again.

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