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Every Child, Every Ability

The Every Child, Every Ability event is a special, FREE soccer event catering to ALL kids with additional needs, as well as their wonderful siblings. Loved by children everywhere, Ginger Sport’s ever-popular Inflatable Soccer World will be in use on the day.

We believe that children should not be defined by their disabilities or impairments. Moreover, we believe that disability does not equal inability. We are honoured to host an event where children can let their abilities shine.

We will be joined by occupational therapists from Kids Matters OT and registered music therapists from Boppin’ Babies.


How will your coaches deal with children with additional needs?

We are experienced in coaching children of varying abilities. With support from families, we aim to facilitate activities so the children can participate. Our coaches regularly undertake education and training on additional needs, disabilities, and impairments. We are always looking to learn, and we would welcome and value your input on the registration form to make the event a great experience for your child.

Do your coaches have blue cards?

Yes, and so do the staff from Kids Matters OT and Boppin’ Babies.

Do your coaches have first-aid kits?


I am worried that the environment may be overwhelming?

Some kids can’t handle the noise and busyness of a group environment, and we know it can be overstimulating, which may result in a number of different behaviours.

We are used to helping these kids, and we will stick to a very structured program for the afternoon. Our program will include calming activities and the opportunity to “escape” if it all gets too much. In doing so, we will have some quiet spaces and “booths” with calming activities for those kids who need to get away. When they are ready, they can rejoin the group again.

If your child gets over-stimulated easily, let us know on your registration form, and tell us what helps calm them down.

What should my child wear?

Hat, sunscreen (already applied), footwear, and clothing they are comfortable running around in.

What should my child bring?

Water and a hat.

What is Kids Matters OT?

Kids Matters OT use effective therapy to help families empower and transform their lives. The Kids Matters OT team is a dynamic group of caring occupational therapists. They are passionate about early intervention, building the foundations of normal development, and helping children succeed. Most importantly, they look for the root causes in every “problem” behaviour, or developmental delay. Moreover, they specialise in addressing these root causes by facilitating development from the bottom up, as well as using a range of “top-down” strategies and training to build skills. Click here to learn more about Kids Matters OT.  

What is Boppin Babies?

Boppin’ Babies is a music-therapy service. They provide community-based, group programs for all children, including those with additional needs. Their music-therapy groups focus on the strengths and abilities of the children. In these sessions, kids are supported to explore, play, and learn through music. All Boppin’ Babies music is played live, with a focus on being interactive and child centred. Children can participate at their own level, in their own time. In doing so, they experience joy and success at each session. They use music to support development and growth in all children, and most importantly to help them have fun while striving to be the best they can be. Click here to learn more about Boppin’ Babies.

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