Meet Ginger Sport’s Friends

We like making friends at Ginger Sport!

We work with a lot of great people, and our friends are so amazing we think they deserve a special shout out. Here is a list of friends who we partner with regularly.


Nature Play QLD Logo

Our friends over at Nature Play QLD want Queensland’s kids to spend more time in unstructured, outdoor play. Most importantly, they want kids to just get outside in nature. Nature Play QLD is based on the idea that outdoor play, with not too many rules, is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. They like to call it nature play!


Kids Music Beat – the home of Boppin’ Babies – is an early-learning music program conducted with a music-therapy focus. Their music groups for children are designed by a music therapist to enhance the development of babies and toddlers. We love teaming up with Kids Music Beat several times a year to give kids a unique sporting and musical experience.

Kids Matters Occupational Therapy Logo

Kids Matters OT are a group of therapists who are passionate about helping children to reach their greatest potential. With registered OTs, psychologists, and speech pathologists, Kids Matters look for the root cause in all behaviour and developmental issues. We’ve been lucky to work with Kids Matters on many occasions to give kids of every ability access to a great soccer experience.

Brisbane Kids Logo

The official guide to child-friendly Brisbane. Brisbane Kids are all about providing families with the details on local events, activities, discounts, and things to do. Brisbane Kids is just a great resource for families!

mini want to find the best nanny for your family, and they tailor the selection of every recruit to suit your requirements! Whether it’s a one-off casual booking, holiday help, before- & after-school care, part time, full time, or a contract nanny, mini will find you the perfect Nanny!

Readford Group Logo

Fiona Thompson owns Readford Group, and she is the Brisbane-based writer and editor we turn to when we need someone who can handle our communications. Just tell Fiona what you want, and she gets it. So if you need resus for your writing, let Readford Group breathe life into your next project, while you get on with running your business.

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