Coach Theo



Yes, this coach has lodged their blue-card application.

Yes, this coach is legally allowed to work while their application is being processed by Blue Card Services.

Link to Queensland Government Blue Card Services page, which explains a person can work in child-related services once their blue-card application is lodged.

Coaching Experience

Voluntary school coaching (3 years)

Favourite Quote

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

Favourite Words

Awesome, baffled, cool, rad, snooze, yikes

What I Love About Coaching Children

I love having heaps of fun with the kids and to see them come out of their shell over time!


Soccer! music, guitar, hanging out with friends, 4 wheel driving, camping.

Favourite Coaching Game

Alien Invaders!

How we started

Ginger Sport began humbly in 2009 with a bag of soccer balls, a handful of happy, smiling kids, and a coach with a pa [...]

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