Coach Ben A

Coaching Experience

I have coached an under 8 soccer team. Therefore the skills I gained from coaching the team of 8 year olds is very transferable to coaching at Ginger Sport.

Favourite Quote

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandela.

Favourite Words

Enthusiastic, enjoyable and passion.

What I Love About Coaching Children

I love coaching children because they soak up anything that you explain for them to do. I Also enjoy watching them express the joy the expirence when having fun playing sport.


Playing the guitar, surfing and playing soccer.

Favourite Coaching Game

My favourite coaching game would have to be ten bin bowling. Which involves setting up a pyramid of cones and getting all kids to aim for the pyramid.

How we started

Ginger Sport began humbly in 2009 with a bag of soccer balls, a handful of happy, smiling kids, and a coach with a pa [...]

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