Coach Ash

Coaching Experience

A lot of my best coaching experience and memories come from Ginger Sport funny enough. My only other coaching experience outside of here is that I looked after the Junior Program at John Paul College a few years back. To say that I am stoked to be back here doing what I love most, would be the understatement of the year. So, to any of you potential parents/child care directors reading this hopefully I’ll see you soon!

Favourite Quote

All we are is a result of what we have thought

Favourite Words

Confidence, Consistency, Integrity

What I Love About Coaching Children

I love coaching and working with children because they help you put life into perspective. At times, you can remove yourself from the reality that is the big bad world when you’re in the depths of a session with the little guys/girls and it’s such a surreal feeling.


I enjoy playing football, (or any sport really), going to the gym and hanging out with my mates.

Favourite Coaching Game

Quite a hard task to say that I have only the one but if I could pick one that I use the most it would probably be (for the little ones) Hit the coach, and (for the older ones) a game called Crazy Hats!

How we started

Ginger Sport began humbly in 2009 with a bag of soccer balls, a handful of happy, smiling kids, and a coach with a pa [...]

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