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Meet Ginger Sport’s Coaches

Ginger Sport carefully selects coaches who will deliver coaching sessions that align with our overall aims and objectives.


Hold valid blue cards ( working with children check).
 Have experience coaching young children.
 Have an energy and enthusiasm for coaching young children.

Meet the coaches behind the magic here at Ginger Sport!

Please click on “VIEW PROFILE” under the coach’s name for more info:

Coach Dean

Coach Matt N

Coach Tim C

Ginger Sport Coach Alexander

Coach Alexander

Coach Alexi

Coach Ben A

Coach Chris

Coach Damo

Coach Declan


Coach Douglas


Coach Drew


Coach Dylan


Coach Francis

Coach Hannah


Coach Harry


Coach Hunter

Coach James S


Coach Jared G


Coach Jay

Ginger Sport Coach Josh

Coach Josh

Coach Kara


Coach Leanne


Coach Matthew S

Coach Mikaela


Coach Nicholas

Coach Oliver M

Coach Richard

Coach Takudzwa

Coach Takudzwa

Coach Zach G

Coach Zak