Ginger Sport Soccer Party

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281 thoughts on “Ginger Sport Soccer Party

  1. Thanks Ginger Sport for making my 5 year old twins birthday party a huge success! Zac P was fantastic with the children, great energy!
    Will definitely book again in the future

  2. Thank you Ginger Sports for a wonderful experience. We had Coach Stephen come out and entertain our 3 year old’s at our Mother’s Group Christmas Party. He was AMAZING with the children. They loved his energy and enthusiasm. He was very accommodating to their skill level (and level of concentration, haha). He was engaging and lots of fun! We all had such a positive experience and I’m sure we’ll book Ginger Sports for our next get together. Thanks to the ladies in the office who were very accommodating with our booking. Sarah was very kind and if it wasn’t for her, the day may not have been able to go ahead. Thank you to everyone at Ginger Sports for making our day such a positive one!

  3. Trinity and 13 other girls had alot of fun for her 11th Birthday. Coach Andreas was great with this age group, and the soccer game at the end was a hit.

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